Online Earning Software of Multiple PTC Sites & Referrels

Hi friends. I hope you all will be fine and you all were benefitted by that online earning Pay per Click software which we discussed in our earlier post:

Today I want to share another online earning free software and this is also very useful like the previous one.

Special Features of this earning Software:

=> It auto clicks on PTC (Paid to Click) sites like:
=> It enables you to choose whether you want to click on ads with your own proxy or should this
      software use his own automated proxy.
      Very useful if you are using multiple accounts with same computer.
=> You can click on your referrel ads as well to earn loads of money..!!

Download this multi-clicker software:

While this software is downloading,  make account/accounts on sites listed above.

Now simply open this auto clicker software.
(if you are having an error regarding java plugin, you have to download it first to run this software. Java Plugin download link will be provided when you open the software)
 Now the real part starts, Login to your account as shown in the pictures below:

Once you logged in to your account through this software, it starts clicking ads and earning money for you.
It is a multi-clicker and has a unique capabilty to click on ads on your referrels as well.

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