Auto Click Software for Online earning PTC sites free download

Hi friends. How are you all? I hope you all will be fine.
As you friends know these days every one is in search of some online earning methods and some online earning softwares.
But as you its not easy to earn money while working from your home and computer.
But not any more! Because as you know Download Software Collection team always tried their level best to provide those softwares to their respective readers which no other website or blog can provide.
So today we are here to provide another online earning click software which you can download and use without paying a single penny!

This software is an auto click software for PTC sites.
What are PTC sites?
PTC sites stands for Paid To Click. So those sites, which pays you for clicking on their ads.
But believe me its a very irritating and boring method of earning money online.
But we are here to solve all your problems!
With the help of this software you just have to start this software and the rest will be done automatically by this click software!
So lets come to the real point of downloading and using this online eaning software.

Follow step by step tutorial to understand it easily:

Step # 1:
First of all, Just click below and Sign Up to the following Pay Per Click site:
Click here to Signup

Step # 2:
Once you have completed your Sign Up process, Download the Software below:
Download Auto Click Software

Extract the software and Click on MiniClicker v1.0.0.0
(You need .Net FrameWork 3.5 to run this Software).

If you are having an error, download .Net FrameWork 3.5 here:

Download .Net FrameWork 3.5

Step # 3:
Now open the software by clicking the icon MiniClicker v1.0.0.0

Step # 4:
Now Enter your No-Minimum Username & password in this software.

Step # 5:
Once you are logged in, Click on Paid to Click,

Once you have clicked on Paid to Click, now this software will start working and it will click on the ads will earn loads of money for you!

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