How To Use Your Pen Drive As RAM Without Using Any Software

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What is RAM ?

RAM is a type of computer memory that can be accessed randomly and it allows stored data to be accessed in very nearly the same amount of time for any storage location. Your computer first transfers data into RAM when a program starts, so it can access pieces of it faster from RAM. If your RAM gets filled up due to too many processes then your computer slows down. In that case you will have to upgrade or increase your RAM. But due to any reason you don’t able to increase your RAM, so I give you another option.

Use your pen drive as an extended RAM and improve your computer’s performance.

Use this simple steps and you can use your pen drive as RAM

Step 1. Go to My computer’s icon on your desktop or go to start menu and then My computer and right click on it

Step 2.  Click on properties option

Step 3. Go to Advance system settings

Step 4. Now, new box will open on your screen named “System Properties”, go to its advanced tab

Step 5. In Advanced tab you will see performance option click on Performance’s Settings.

Step 6. Now again new box will open on your screen named “Performance Options”, go to Advanced tab.

Step 7. Click on change button that appears on virtual memory section.

Step 8. Again a new box will be open named “Virtual Memory”. In virtual memory you will see an option named Automatically manage paging file size for all drives, if this option is on then click on it and turn off.

Step 9. Now, select your Pen Drive as Virtual Memory and give custom size, if you don’t want to give size then Click “OK”.

That’s it Now restart your computer and after that you will notice the performance of your computer will be much better than before.

Note : If you unplug your pen drive from USB Port then its turn to the main RAM, so make sure your pen drive always connected to your computer.

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