How To Make Password Protected USB Drive Without Using Any Software and Unlock Password Protection, BitLocker Password Protection

How To Make Password Protected USB Drive Without Using Any Software

If you don’t want to show your USB Drive’s data to your friends, Family persons or others. So I’ll give you a very simple trick to lock your USB without using any application software.

There are many 3rd party applications available in online market but these application softwares are not available in full version, if you want to run that application lifetime then you want to pay to that but if you don’t want to spend money for that then this trick can helps you.

Just do these simple steps and you will make your USB Drive password Protected

Step 1. Plug in your USB Drive in your PC

Step 2. Go to Control panel, in control panel at the top right you will see an search box. In search box type BitLocker Drive Encryption.

Step 3. Now launch that application

Step 4. Then find your USB Drive and click on Turn on BitLocker

Step 5. Now your Windows will ask you to set a password

Step 6. Click on first check box (Use a password to unlock the drive) and Set a strong password twice and click on next.

Step 7. Now you will see two options (Save the recovery key to a file and Print the recovery key) choose that option which one suites you best and click on next.

Step 8. Now click on Start Encrypting

That’s it, it will take some time for encrypting your USB and after that your USB will be password protected and if someone tries to access you USB Drive, Windows will ask him or her to enter the current password.

Note : This trick is only works in Windows

How to Unlock Password Protection or Change Password

Step 1. Plug in Your USB Drive in PC

Step 2. Go to Control Panel and then BitLocker Drive Encryption

Step 3. Now find your USB drive and click on “Turn Off BitLocker”

That’s it..

For change password

Do above step 1 and 2 and then

Step 3. Now find your USB and click on “Manage BitLocker” in Manage BitLocker you will see five options (Change password to unlock the drive, Remove password from this drive, Add a smart card to unlock the drive, Save or print recovery key again, Automatically unlock this drive on this computer). Click on Change password to unlock the drive option and change password.

Note : In your Windows, there is also an another simple way to find BitLocker. Just go to my computer and find your USB Drive and right click on it and find an option called bitLocker. Click on it and after that do all above’s steps.

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