How to Schedule Your Posts in Blogger?

Schedule Post -
Blogger is a nice way to make your own blog, free or paid. Important in bloggers blog is Posts, Posts are very important to increase visitors, and the posts are only the way to increase your Site Search Engine Rank. If you have posted many posts, peoples comes from google, yahoo or bing by searching the topic according to their needs. More posts with important topics are the way to get success in blogging.
Many peoples are decided time schedule to do post on their blog so that peoples are going to their blogs to view new post that they haveposted. This is pretty interesting and make audiences more attractive to your blog. Its also difficult to do every post on the time, everyone have their own works so maybe you will busy at the time you have to post. There is a way to post on blog at the time. Schedule post is only the way to do post at the time you want. Make scheduled post is very easy and it works perfect all the time. Today we will discuss how to schedule your posts in Blogger?

Steps to Schedule Your Posts:
Step 1: Go to Blogger> New Post or Open any existing post if you want to make it reschedule or if you want to schedule a new post just click on New Post and write a post.
Step 2: Find the Post Settings on the right side of your Blog Page.
Step 3: Click on "Schedule".

Schedule Post -

Step 4: Now Click on "Set date and time" and set date and time of schedule post, when you want to post on blog.

Schedule Post -

Step 5: After choose the date and time for schedule post, Click on "Done".

You are all done. The post that scheduled, will be posted on your selected date and time.

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