PCTools Internet Security 2012 + Keys

PC Tools Internet Security 2012 - complete protection for your PC against spyware, adware, trojans, viruses, worms, keyloggers, browser hijackers, false anti-spyware, phishing scams, unwanted programs, pop-up ads, hackers, malicious Web sites. Built-in Behavior Guard blocks 
new threats faster than traditional systems, and Browser Defender protects against attacks through the browser, including phishing, scare tactics and automatic downloading of malware.

Together with antivirus and anti-cyber crime and identity theft, the program includes a new warning system for fraud Scam Alerts. This system protects you against the latest online fraud schemes, "get rich quick" and fake antivirus "scareware", to deceive people by making their money transfer or disclose confidential information. An integrated PC Tools Antivirus 2012 is built on technologies mentioned by numerous awards. Powerful, but at the same time simple and fast way to protect your personal, financial and other important information. 

Main features of PC Tools Internet Security 2012: 

The primary protection 

• Antivirus and antispyware. Protects against known viruses, worms, Trojans and other threats, including protection against spyware, adware, bots, keyloggers and other malicious programs.
• File screen. Monitors and blocks all known malware in real time.

Extended Protection 

• Proactive protection from the behavioral analysis. Integrated tools ThreatFire blocks new threats faster than traditional signature-based detection methods.
• Personal firewall. Blocks hackers seeking to gain access to your computer.

Privacy Policy 

• Web-based protection. Blocks access to potentially dangerous and phishing websites and prevents malicious downloads through a web browser, IM-clients and e-mail. 
• Protect your web browser. Stops Web attacks, including phishing, fraudulent schemes and subtle intimidation download. 
• The Toolbar Browser Defender. Warns about unsafe and phishing sites and displays a safety rating of websites in search results. 

E-mail Security 

• Mail screen. Protects your computer against spyware and viruses sent and sent by email.
• Anti-spam. Filters out unwanted and phishing emails in your email.

Additional Features 

• Game Mode. Prevents interruption when you use your computer in full screen mode.
• Technical support. Includes a system clock 24/7 online support.
• Smart Update Smart Updates. Frequent automatic updates of virus signatures and program modules, so you are always protected against the latest threats. 


install instructions......... 

First disconnect your internet connection.Then run the setup.After that 
insert the serial key when it asked. 

Download Links

Download Via Rapidshare
Download Via Sharpfile 

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